Goa Will Consider Classifying Obesity As An Illness

Goa Consider Classifying Obesity As Disease

Goa may soon classify obesity as a disease. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar revealed that the state government is considering declaring obesity as an illness. However, the medical fraternity has been called on to conduct more researches of increasing obesity cases.

Parrikar was speaking at the inaugural of the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity’s (IFSO) event, ‘IFSO, Asia Pacific Countries (APC) Ossicon 2017 Diabesity’. He said then, that obesity has to be treated as a disease and it is not only the affluent who have been affected by it, but it has affected all sections of the society due to change in the lifestyle. Reasserting that the state government may consider it being classified as a disease, although a more thorough research on its causes need to be identified.

Deepak Sawant, Maharashtra Health Minister also attended the function, where he stated that declaring obesity as a disease is a time-bound demand, after which timely medical intervention can be met.

Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra expressed concern over the growing rate of obesity among children. He said, a need to intervene and educate children on food habits. Fadnavis added that his government has already started a journey to set-up a task force to fight obesity. Furthermore he said that medical treatment should be affordable and hence the government recognizes and provides schemes for bariatric surgeries (used to cure obesity by way of laparoscopic or gastric bypass surgeries) so that even the common man can afford it.

Key Points Revealed at IFSO – APC Ossicon 2017 Diabesity

  • 80 million people are suffering from obesity while 25 million are suffering from severe obesity.
  • India could be the world’s second largest country suffering from obesity by 2025 if not acted upon.
  • India has 2.5 million children who suffer from obesity.
  • Child obesity has almost doubled since the past decade from 9 per cent to 17 per cent.
  • Diabetics hypertension, kidney failure, etc. are common diseases related to obesity and hence it is important for India to declare it as a disease.
  • Obesity among children is not directly related only to their lifestyle and eating habits, but hormonal imbalance may also be a reason for it.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) had already given a call to treat obesity as a disease a decade ago, but only US, Australia and a few countries in Europe have done so.