Goa Mahila Congress: Prime Minister’s chest has become 56 cm or 56 mm

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Congress in Goa on Monday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Chest has shrunk from 56-inches to “56- centimeters or 56-millimetres.” They were protesting the recent mutilation of the bodies of Indian soldiers and expressed sadness over India not having a full-time Defence Minister.

“The prime minister always used to say his chest is 56 inches broad. I do not know what has happened to his chest. I think it is shrinking. It has become 56 cm or 56 mm, we do not know, but we request him to protect our jawans who are fighting on the border,” Goa Mahila Congress president Sunita Verenkar was quoted by IANS.

Vernekar also informed that bangles were being collected by the women members of the Congress party which will be later presented to Union Minister Smriti Irani, reminding her of the time when she used to criticise the previous governments whenever Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani army or the Maoist.

“We are sad we do not have a full-time Defence Minister. We had a Defence Minister who fled to Goa because of what we do not know… He is more interested in eating fish, that is why he is back to Goa. We need a full-time Defence Minister for India,” Verenkar was quoted by IANS.


Information credit: IANS

Image credit: Amar Ujala