Girish Chodankar: Parrikar curtailing the rights of media

In a press conference held yesterday at Congress house in Panaji All India Congress Committee secretary Girish Chodankar has accused Parrikar of curtailing the rights of media when movement of journalist was restricted in the ministerial block of the assembly.

Chodankar said transparency was key to any democracy and media should not be restricted from doing its job. “There has to be transparency. Parrikar’s mentality is that whatever he does he is always right and nobody has the right to question him. To prevent the entry of the media into government offices is a bad precedence,” Chodankar told reporters.

He even mentioned that some publications were called to the police station and asked to reveal their sources in their coverage of Digamber Kamat’s anticipatory bail applicationĀ  and magisterial statement.

He further mentioned that Congress will take up the issue with the Prime Minister.