Since the government has announced online classes for all the school students from July 1st, the sales, especially in the Gadgets category, have immensely gone up and continued. Gadgets like Smartphone, Laptops as well as Webcams has spurt in the sales. Parents, Students, and Teachers are getting stick with the new model of online teaching with these gadgets.

Ever since the lockdown is announced on March 24 in India, the electronic shop owners were quite worried about the loss in business. But after the announcement of the government about the online classes, the decision has come as a blessing for electric shop owners in disguise.

One of the situations which students have to face is a shortage of spare parts and basic varieties of gadgets. This situation has led the parents to get repaired their old laptops, webcams, and older versions of Android Smartphones. TMC Mobile Technology, which has five outlets in Kochi, gets flooded with the calls of parents to get the gadgets repaired. The reason being is not all parents can afford new smartphones, laptops, or webcams for their children, so they try to get it fixed.

The majority of the parents force to get multiple gadgets once the school is resumed. Now, the parents having more than one child to go to school said that they are forced to use all the available gadgets, such as mobile, laptops, and webcams.

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