The Feast of St Francis Xavier to be celebrated on December 4 as against the annual date of December 3


The Feast of St Francis Xavier, who is popular as ‘Goencho Saib’ in Goa, will be celebrated on December 4 this year instead of December 3. The festival is of immense importance for the followers of Christianity in the state.

“Since the festival of St Francis Xavier comes in the advent season, which is a time of expectant waiting and preparations for the celebrations of Christmas, the feasts of Saints are not celebrated on Sundays,” Fr Alfred Vaz told reporters.

In the advent period, Sunday is dedicated only to the services of Lord Jesus. Since December 3 falls on a Sunday, the celebration of the feast has been delayed by a day.

“We have an option to observe the feast either a day in advance or a day later if it comes on Sunday. That is why it is decided that the feast would be held on December 4,” Vaz said.

The body of the world renowned Saint is still being preserved in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa as a relic. It is kept in a glass container within a silver casket. It is visited by scores of pilgrims as well as tourists from across the world every year.

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