Family members of foreigners who died in Goa write to PM Modi

Family members of foreigners who have died in Goa since 2005 have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a probe by a Supreme Court judge. They further alleged the attempts of “cover-up” by the local police force. They also alleged that a nexus exists involving the locals, the police, drug mafias and politicians.

Family members who have written the letter:

  • Parvati Dasi, mother of Caitanya Holt
  • Minna Pirhonen, mother of Felix Dahl
  • Jim Durkin, father of James Durkin
  • Lori Arndt, mother of Kyle Arndt
  • Fiona MacKeown, mother of Scarlett Keeling
  • Maureen Sweeney, sister of Denyse Sweeney
  • Amanda Bennett, sister of Stephen Bennett
  • Sara Neighbour, sister of Martin Neighbour
  • Pauline Harvey, mother of Michael Harvey
  • Davis Burbank, father of Jonathan Burbank

(Information source: Hindustan Times)

“Since the killing of our relatives, the deaths have continued with at least one tourist on average dying each week in Goa and also many locals have lost their lives. In many of these killings, whether tourists or locals, the same criminals appear to be involved,” a copy of the letter states.

Minna Pirhonen said that they have a reciept which states that their letter was delivered to the PMO on May 25.

The kin of deceased foreigners have demanded in the letter a investigation into the deaths “to reveal the connections between the locals, the police in Goa, drug mafia and politicians and their involvement in the deaths”.

“We request a commission led by a Supreme Court judge to analyse the probe into the deaths of Caitanya Holt, Felix Dahl, James Durkin, Kyle Arndt, Scarlett Keeling, Denyse Sweeney, Stephen Bennett, Martin Neighbour, Michael Harvey and Jonathan Burbank to ensure an unbiased and comprehensive investigation to reveal the truth about their deaths,” a source reading an excerpt from the letter was quoted by PTI.

“The quality of the work of the police in Goa should be investigated. Instead of investigating the murders and killings, the local police want to cover up the truth,” the letter alleged.

Information source: PTI.

Image credit: Mid-day.