Facebook, one of the social networking giant, isn’t doing enough to fight discrimination, falsehoods, and incitement to violence. An external audit on Wednesday found ‘that Facebook is not taking action against Discrimination.’

The audit report that Facebook submitted two years ago points to what the authors described it, including ‘Terrible Precedent.’ This whole thing comes under the limelight when the 900 advertisers, including Coca-Cola, joined the boycott program promoted by US civil rights. Not only US Civil rights but Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP join hands together for the boycott.

After all the drama, the auditors wrote, “the majority of the civil rights community have become disheartened, frustrated as well as angry after years of engagement where they implored the company to do more to advance equality and fight discrimination, while also safeguarding free expressions.“

Now, after seeking into the matter, Facebook stands firmly against the hate and says: “What has become increasingly clear is that we have a long way to go.”

In response, Auditors said ‘Facebook had been too willing to exempt politicians from its rules,’ letting some spread misinformation, harmful as well as divine rhetoric, and even calls to violence.

Well, the organizers of the advertising boycott get virtually into the meeting via video conference with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO). However, after the meeting, activists said, “They didn’t saw any commitment from the Facebook company.”

The final thoughts for the matter are that ‘Facebook Inc still not taking anything seriously to fight discrimination on its platform.’ Also, the decisions taken by the company were the major setbacks for civil rights. Well, sooner or later, this particular thing will definitely hit the company. However, Facebook still isn’t taking any necessary actions to fight discrimination.

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