Elephant mounted team searching for the Gaur that killed a farmer in Goan forests

elephant mounted patrol searches for the killer Bison

Forest department in Goa is deploying an elephant mounted team to track the Gaur (Indian Bison) that killed 51-year-old Yeno Solienkar from the Shivdem Village in Dharbandora Taluka in South Goa. Besides, the elephant mounted team, the forest officials are also using half a dozen motion censor cameras to capture the animal.

The cameras will be set off if the Gaur passes by leaving a clue for the forest officials on its location and the path the animal is taking.

The Indian Bison is said to have attacked Solienkar while he was watering his Cashew and Banana plantation. The attack is said to be the first incident of a fatal conflict of a human with the species in Goa. According the autopsy report, Solienkar was stabbed by the animal with its horns in the stomach and trampled on the evening of March 31. Solienkar died of the injuries on the same night.

It is the first time that an elephant mounted patrol is being used to capture an animal in Goa. “If we spot the bison, the plan is to shepherd the animal to an area where we can safely trap it and tranquilise it so that it can be captured. We are also looking out for hoof marks near water bodies and their droppings for leads. Forest dwellers are also being asked to help to track down the location of the rogue,” a forest official who is a part of the elephant search team said in an IANS report.

Gaur is the state animal of Goa and the mascot for Força Goa, a football team in the Indian Super League based in Goa. Gaur is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Currently, search is on for the animal in areas frequented by the animal.

Information source: IANS and PTI