“Don’t make TikTok a political football,” a full-page advertisement came up on Wednesday in major Australian newspapers.

“Don’t make TikTok a political football,” a full-page advertisement came up on Wednesday in major Australian newspapers.

As a strict decision taken by the Indian government to ban 59 Chinese apps, it includes the video creating and sharing fun app TikTok owned by a Chinese company, which turned out to be a massive loss to the company.

Now the company is at the risk of being banned in many more countries. This situation for the Chinese company is affecting the reputation of the company. It is said that the company was misusing the data of users and sharing it with Beijing.

TikTok is in the list of Australia’s most loved apps for being fun, safe, and independent.

“Australia’s data has always been secure with us. We’re focused on your safety every day.” This came out as a campaign for the company.

A letter was being sent to federal MPs by the Australian General Manager of TikTok company Lee Hunter to ease concerns about the Chinese connection of TikTok application.

All the Australian user data is safe and is never shared with the Chinese government as it is being stored up in Singapore and the US itself.
“Nor would we do so if asked,” responded Mr. Hunter.

” The truth is, with tensions rising between some countries, TikTok has unfortunately been caught in the middle, and is being used by some as a political football.”

Mr. Hunter also clearly mentioned that “I assure you – we’re a social media platform for sharing videos – that’s all.”

“The app should be banned in Australia itself by the government,” Told by an anonymous federal MP to Herald Sun as the app has some control over it.

But the thing can’t be ignored is not only in Australia, in many countries wherever TikTok is a trending app, but it has also provided secure promotion and advertising options to dozens of small scale businesses and people working from home.

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asked about the company, he said, “People needed to be conscious of where their data was going. I think it’s right people to have an increased awareness of where these platforms originate and the risk they present. “

Chinese company TikTok needs to re-think more about the issues and clear all the allegations for a better future of the company as soon as possible.

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