Discover new shows by Spotify podcast charts

After so much of await, Spotify rehabilitated its podcast chart today. This podcast chat will help the listeners to find the new shows. It also keeps the people in their favorite area they enjoy the most.

Spotify added two charts initially and named it ‘Trending’ and ‘Top.’ Trending depends somewhat on the speed of development in audience numbers, consist of 50 rising shows. Whereas, Top section includes the overall 200 famous shows which are shortlisted accordingly. The user’s region also localizes the Top part. Likewise, the Top section is marked into different categories, such as business, comedy, and technology, in certain areas. Spotify has released the podcast chart in 26 different countries, including the US, Mexico, the UK, Brazil, Italy, and Germany. Spotify has battled listener bots in the past that try to inflate music plays and authority. In cases like this, the chance of decoying the system is a bit high. This is because the scammers are paid for the per listen from the day music was created and published. This is the story of music, but when it comes to the podcast, the podcasts are not paid per listen. This is the primary reason why Spotify wanted to focus on this industry.

After all this, most of the people tried to game the podcast chart on different platforms similar to Spotify. The chart system was created to make shows more popular and also easy to reach the listeners. This chart system also introduces the new podcast to the listener they haven’t heard. John Perotti somehow managed to flash his show number 55 to Apple’s top podcast chart by paying $5. It’s terrible to hear, but the same can be done with Spotify.

Knowing so much about the update by Spotify, the podcast is still controversial as the algorithm that defines the ranking of the podcast is still opaque. People also try to game them for their classification and benefits. One of the Spotify spokesmen said that they have an overlapping system, namely The Verge. The Verge monitors all these kinds of activities in Spotify and removes the bad actors and speakers from the service.

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