“The Defence Expo 2018 will be in Goa”

Goa is prepared to host the next edition of the Defence Expo scheduled to be held in 2018, informed Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

The event is organised by the Defence Ministry of India and is held every two years. It was held in Quitol village in South Goa last year. CM also informed even though the state is ready to hold the event, it has not been decided whether the venue for the event will stay the same as last year.

“The Defence Expo 2018 will be in Goa. That is a decision for this edition, which has nothing to do with the other proposal to have a permanent venue (for the event) in Goa,” Parrikar was quoted by IANS yesterday.

Parrikar said although the Goa government intends to build a permanent venue at Naqueri-Quitol to host similar events, it will not do so without taking the locals into confidence.

Last year’s Defence Expo edition was opposed by a section of the villagers. Some villagers were also seen agitating against it.

The Defence Expo is an exhibition organised by the Defence Ministry in which dealers are given a platform to showcase their defence related technology.

Image credit: Economic Times

Information credit: PTI