Congress’ Alliance Arrogance

Despite of the 2017 elections nearing, Congress has kept mum about the possibility of an alliance. The reason they said is that they have not yet received any written proposals to form an alliance for the polls. Like-minded parties like NCP (National Congress Party) and GFP (Goa Forward Party) said that submission of proposal in politics is something new.

“Submission of a written proposals in an era where coalition politics, at least against the BJP has come to stay, is something new to me,” Vijai Sardesai, an independent legislator and mentor of Goa Forward Party.    – PTI

Digvijay Singh, General Secretary of the All India Congress who is currently in the process of shortlisting candidates for the upcoming elections had stated that no formal proposal for an alliance has been sent to the party.

However in reality through many platforms GFP and NCP have showed their inclination towards aligning with the Congress to contest the upcoming Goa Legislative Assembly election.

“All the same, we in the Opposition are being closely watched by the people of Goa and they would never forgive us if we undermine prevailing public sentiment with popular surveys indicating 80 per cent Goans wanting BJP government out from Goa,” Sardesai said today. “If any of us intentionally work to sabotage the unity of Opposition forces then we would invite curse of Goans and their future generations,” he commented.

Commenting on the delay by the Congress in deciding on the alliance, NCP Goa President Jose Philip said, “Till date we have not learnt lessons what happens after we stand divided. We are going to destroy ourselves if we contest against each other.”

“What is the reason that Congress is acting adamant on the issue of alliance? Whether they want us to destroy ourselves or want to give a chance to BJP to win. Nobody knows,” he added.

After the previous 2012 elections, Congress’ strength in Goa was reduced to a single digit in the Assembly, which saw BJP forming the government.