China’s government will not sit quietly

China’s government would not sit quietly if anyone messes with its companies. After the statement by Washington that enterprises may face legal trouble if they gave a hand in hand help to the abuses done in the Muslim northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Tension occurred between the U.S and Beijing over human rights, trade, and Hong Kong. Complaints were for Mass detention and forced labor abuses by the Communist Party against ethnic Muslims.

The U.S. being accused by the Commerce Minister for unwarranted interference into China’s affairs. According to them, the wrong misuse of complaints about human rights was being done by Washington to “suppress Chinese companies.”

“This is bad for China, bad for the United States and bad for the whole world,” stated the ministry. “China strongly urges the U.S. to stop its bad acts,” said the ministry. “China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.”
According to the warning by the U.S. given on July 1, goods manufactured by forced labor or super technology by the companies that may be used for surveillance will face unspecified “ reputational, economic and legal risks.”

Veterans were held forcefully of the camps and family with threat and violence to declare wrong their religion, culture, and language and serve loyalty to leader and head of state XiJinping of Communist Party.
Trump’s Administration is blocking shipments from Chinese company Heitman Tida Apparel, which makes baby pants sold at Costco warehouses after the foreign manufacturer was accused of forcing ethnic minorities locked in an internment camp to sew clothes against their will.

Many members of Muslim ethnic Minority groups of more than 1millon staying in internment camps are being held up back by China. It is said that some vocational training facilities are aimed at countering Muslim radicalism and separatist tendencies. Sanctions being imposed on four Chinese officials by the U.S. government and an additional ban on their property transactions by Americans with them. On Tuesday, Biden broadcasted that reviving The US economy by planning how to fight the climatic changes. It is part of his overall packages, which is slowed by the Corona Virus. Biden also promised to boost the taxes on the corporation for the and wealthy America.

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