The world is quite aware of the cowardly attack done by the Chinese troops over Unarmed Indian Soldiers over the claim of Galwan Valley. The United States of America has declared in the global world that they stand with India if things went on the wrong side.

The Two US Aircraft carriers were sent to the South China sea to cover the Chinese Navy from attacking the Indian Navy. However, the Indian Navy stands firm in its regions.

Two US aircraft conducted an exercise in South China to infiltrate the Chinese. However, Chinese troops also led to an activity that was criticized by various countries.

The exercises were done not to open interpretation signals to partners and allies that the US is committed to regional security. China accused the United States of America of proking and increasing tensions on the Sea. However, the US straightforward said the claims were false as it was just an exercise.

Oil and Gas Reserves

The commander of the Ronald Reagan claimed that these exercises were not in the account of Chinese practice which took place from July 1st.
Furthermore. China blamed for the rise of increasing tensions overseas and causing alarming state for the neighboring countries,

China had already announced the exercise dates, which were to take action from July 1st near Paracel Island. Both Vietnam and China claim Paracel Island. This gave rise to the criticism of China by the Philippines and Vietnam.

The Chinese drills were criticized enough by Vietnam and the Philippines that gave a chance to the US to claim China is intimidating the neighboring countries to exploit their oil and gas reserves.

More than 1500km of the South China Sea is claimed by China through which it gains over 3 trillion dollars of trade exports. There are more than five countries that lay claim over parts of the South China Sea but are dismissed again and again over the flexibility and commanding needs that China can offer to the US and other neighboring countries can’t.



Since the government has announced online classes for all the school students from July 1st, the sales, especially in the Gadgets category, have immensely gone up and continued. Gadgets like Smartphone, Laptops as well as Webcams has spurt in the sales. Parents, Students, and Teachers are getting stick with the new model of online teaching with these gadgets.

Ever since the lockdown is announced on March 24 in India, the electronic shop owners were quite worried about the loss in business. But after the announcement of the government about the online classes, the decision has come as a blessing for electric shop owners in disguise.

One of the situations which students have to face is a shortage of spare parts and basic varieties of gadgets. This situation has led the parents to get repaired their old laptops, webcams, and older versions of Android Smartphones. TMC Mobile Technology, which has five outlets in Kochi, gets flooded with the calls of parents to get the gadgets repaired. The reason being is not all parents can afford new smartphones, laptops, or webcams for their children, so they try to get it fixed.

The majority of the parents force to get multiple gadgets once the school is resumed. Now, the parents having more than one child to go to school said that they are forced to use all the available gadgets, such as mobile, laptops, and webcams.



Comparing the previous Samsung phones, the performance of Samsung galaxy devices is increasing day by day. The galaxy m series is proven one of the most successful phones of the Samsung brand. Samsung introduced the Galaxy M series last year to complete a bid more effectively against Xiaomi and Vivo mid-range market mobile phones.

The users have liked the Galaxy M series and opened their wallets for the M series devices. Samsung has recently popularized that the Galaxy M series will be better and cheaper from the previous ones. Launching new devices in the Galaxy M series would be done in the second half of the year. Samsung has a clear view of the Galaxy M series handsets as they were developed for young Indian millennials. Samsung closely observed the specs features and pricing before manufacturing the Galaxy M series in India itself.

Initially, Samsung sold the Galaxy M series devices online. The most famous device of Galaxy M series is Galaxy M30, which has performed well. With the help of the Galaxy M series handsets, Samsung was able to regain its share of online sales in India. Samsung also sold x Galaxy M series devices through retailers. But the quantity provided to retailers was limited.

The new device of the Galaxy M series that is Galaxy M21, also performed very well. Keeping all this in mind, Samsung has decided to launch more M series devices. Asim Warsi, the Senior Vice President of Samsung India, announced to launch more quality devices in the second half of the year. He said, “We will make sure that these new models are founded on forward-looking consumer insights that will pack-in the sort of powerful features that only the’ series has come to stand for in the industry,”

The new models of Samsung ready for the younger customers with the price below Rs. 10000. Also, there would be some phones that will be not more than Rs. 20000 for those who want more features and can invest some more money.

According to the information leaked, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy M41 in the second half of the year. Galaxy M41 is expected with a large battery of 7000 mAh. This would be the highest battery ever in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is also a rumored date the Galaxy M51 will have the star OLED panel. Introducing OLED panel in the M series clearly states that Samsung is offering smartphones with LED panels at a meager price.
After knowing so much about the updates coming from Samsung, Galaxy M fans have a lot to be excited about.



Facebook, one of the social networking giant, isn’t doing enough to fight discrimination, falsehoods, and incitement to violence. An external audit on Wednesday found ‘that Facebook is not taking action against Discrimination.’

The audit report that Facebook submitted two years ago points to what the authors described it, including ‘Terrible Precedent.’ This whole thing comes under the limelight when the 900 advertisers, including Coca-Cola, joined the boycott program promoted by US civil rights. Not only US Civil rights but Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP join hands together for the boycott.

After all the drama, the auditors wrote, “the majority of the civil rights community have become disheartened, frustrated as well as angry after years of engagement where they implored the company to do more to advance equality and fight discrimination, while also safeguarding free expressions.“

Now, after seeking into the matter, Facebook stands firmly against the hate and says: “What has become increasingly clear is that we have a long way to go.”

In response, Auditors said ‘Facebook had been too willing to exempt politicians from its rules,’ letting some spread misinformation, harmful as well as divine rhetoric, and even calls to violence.

Well, the organizers of the advertising boycott get virtually into the meeting via video conference with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO). However, after the meeting, activists said, “They didn’t saw any commitment from the Facebook company.”

The final thoughts for the matter are that ‘Facebook Inc still not taking anything seriously to fight discrimination on its platform.’ Also, the decisions taken by the company were the major setbacks for civil rights. Well, sooner or later, this particular thing will definitely hit the company. However, Facebook still isn’t taking any necessary actions to fight discrimination.


China’s Digital Currency – No Launch Date and continues Development in 2020

On Sunday, the announcement from China’s central bank informed us that they do not have an
exact launch date about the Sovereign digital currency. The local report says that they continue
with its R&D (research & development). In August, it is rumored that Central back decided to
launch the digital currency by early November, but it is not done. Last month, the in-charge
official of development Mu Changchun will be informed that they had already completed the
function research, formulation, top-level designs, and testing.
The people’s bank of China informed us that the 2019 digital currency is under smooth progress
during the conference of annual work held last week. The Chinese business magazine Caijing
reported that the four big banks of the state country’s such as Commercial Bank of China, China
Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and Bank of China along with other three state-
owned telecom organizations are included in the development team.
Recently, they informed that it is not intended for cash replacement to use the sovereign digital
currency and also not even designed for speculation. The CBCD’s ideas are promoted by the
first central banks named PBOC. After the announcement from Facebook with regards to the
new plans for Libra digital currency and the development process was started by numerous
banks’ research institute. This upcoming sovereign digital currency is shared with the public on
various aspects and will be ready to use within 5 years of research.
Sweden is diligently working & researching on an e-Krona and the legal & technical research is
conducted by the Governor of Bank of Japan to transform them as digital currencies. Since
there is no demand they do not have any plans to issue. On Sunday, the announcement from
China’s central bank informed that they are still continuing their R&D process (research &
development) to create the 2020 sovereign digital currency. But they are in short of announcing
the appropriate launch date.
In a summary of its annual work conference held last week, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC)
said it made “smooth progress” on the issue in 2019. The PBOC was one of the first central
banks to promote the idea of digital sovereign currency, partly because Beijing regards
Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin as a threat to financial security, and other digital currencies, like
Facebook’s Libra, as a challenge to its capital account controls.
When the bank’s digital currency research institutes stepped up its rhetoric on the issue last
year – after plans for Libra’s launch were announced in June – there was speculation that a
Chinese sovereign currency could arrive as early as November. A report by Forbes in August,
citing an unidentified source, said the Cryptocurrency was set to be launched on November 11
to coincide with the Singles’ Day online shopping promotion, but that did not happen. The
PBOC is not alone in the world in considering how best to adapt to digital currencies.

Sweden’s Riksbank said last month it had awarded a one-year contract to professional services
firm Accenture to build a pilot platform for a new digital currency called e-Krona, to broaden
the central bank “understands of the technological possibilities”. But it might still be some time
before currency is launched, as the bank said the pilot project may be extended for up to seven