Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate might contest from Santa Cruz soon?

Babush might contest from Santa Cruz

As far as a media report by a prominent Goan Channel goes, Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate may contest from Santa Cruz assembly constituency. The constituency is currently represented by Tony Fernandes, a close aid of Babush.

After Manohar Parrikar returned from the center to take the reins of Goa as the Chief Minister, speculations in the political circles were rife if Parrikar contests from Panaji, he may have to face Babush in elections. On the other, Babush had already made his decision to contest against Parrikar known. However, as the days pass by the possibility of a ‘Babush Vs Parrikar’ fight seems unlikely.

Another reason is that, a report in the media recently had suggested that the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) might be wooing Babush’s to win his support by getting his wife Jennifer and close aid Fernandes to resign from Congress and win a by poll on a BJP ticket in their respective constituencies. The key reason seems to be to increase the BJP’s tally in the current assembly.

The report states that Babush has already begun talking to his close associates and most likely Fernandes will resign to make way for Babush. Interestingly, Fernandes at the end of March was quoted in a report by Herald saying, “Babush is my boss and if he tells me to step down as MLA, I will do that for the welfare of my constituency”.

It is not yet clear whether Babush will choose to go for polls on a party ticket or as an independent candidate. Similar reports were published in the media of him contesting from Santa Cruz in March but were denied by both Fernandes and Babush.

(Image credit: NDTV)