Apple iPhone price hike

Apple iPhone 12 series to be priced at least $500 (roughly Rs. 3,7000) much higher than the iPhone 11 series. Excluding charger or EarPods in the retail box, as per analyst Jeff PuL (looks like a company getting ideas from the Samsung). According to the recent updates by the analyst, the increased cost maybe because of the upcoming iPhone’s 5G support. Also, the new feature added OLED screen also affected the price. In the past few days, individual reports have suggested that the forthcoming series on iPhone. It’s even a rumor, the iPhone might ship their phones without charger and EarPods. According to Pu’s latest analysis, as well as a recent Apple customer survey, it further supports the rumors.

In a report, MacRumors shared a research note by analyst Jeff Pu that says that the 5.4-inch model of the upcoming iPhone12 will start at $749 (roughly Rs. 56,300). This is at least $50 more than the price of iPhone 11 base models of the same size, sold at $699 (roughly Rs. 52,500) upon launch.

Pu claims that pricing is listed with an analysis Ming-Chi Kuo released in December 2019. Also added that the first motive for the hike is Apple’s help for 5G and OLED show’s inclusion on iPhone 12. Apple’s present iPhone 2020 collection will have a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhone, and a large display sporting 6.7-inch iPhone. All iPhone 11 come with an LCD screen, whereas iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max carry OLED filters. Pu ruminates that the worth would be “accepted by consumers” due to 5G. Pu additionally believes that Apple may not see a dip in demand due to this.

According to Pu, there will not be any adverse effect on the consumer’s demand by the increased pricing for the 2020 iPhone, and there are no words, whether 5G will impact the price of iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max models. Like the predecessors, iPhones already include OLED panels. It is Apple expected that Apple is releasing the iPhone 12 this autumn. However, no date has yet been revealed. So after the launch, it will be seen whether the price affected the consumers or not, especially after the pandemic!

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