More than 5,000 Goa government jobs will be open for recruitment in December


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has informed yesterday that more 5,000 vacancies in various government department will be filled up from December. For the last two years and a half years ,there is backlog of around 5,000 vacancies. There was a ban placed on recruitment in November of 2016 which was partially lifted later.

Employees will now be hired for the previous year as well as next year, for which the process will begin from December,” Parrikar was quoted by ToI. He added that to revive lapsed vacancies and recreation of posts the government has initiated a new process in the department of administrative reforms.

“I have tweaked the recruitment process, and approval has been granted where departmental recruitments will now be undertaken in a single batch,” he told ToI, further adding that a go-ahead has already been granted to one department with the bigger departments to follow soon.

To cut the unnecessary red tape CM has said that the government will form a committee to recruit employees.

The ban on recruitment of employees in the government department was partially lifted in April 2017. Hiring was allowed in four government departments, all grant-in-aid educational institutions, government educational institutions, Goa Medical College, Goa Dental College, Institute of Psychiatric and Human Behaviour, and directorate of health services, the official announcement had stated.

Under the scheme of the home department, compassionate appointments under department of personnel and children of freedom fighters category were allowed.

Information credit: ToI