Top rated games for PS4

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Since 2013 from its original launch, the PS4 (PlayStation 4), it has massive success with numerous incredible selection of various games. Sony along with its partners developed to third-party releases, the PS4 best games include puzzle, strategy, racing, sports, role-playing, and even first-person action shooting games. In case if this is the first time you are using a PS4 (PlayStation 4) devices then you need to know where to start. Find below a list of top-rated games for PS4 device for your preference. There are numerous perfect games available for PS4 devices across the online platform.
Monster Hunter: World – The World can be a new kid within the block. There are numerous ways you may feel like joining the Monster World Series party, which are more familiar in Japan and only a few of them got success in the west. With a good reason, now everyone feels about talking to the World Monster Hunter. Most of them love the Monster Hunter World game with more accessible and even bigger. A few of them are still playing the Monster Hunter game using the under-powered handhelds. Play the Monster Hunter game on a big console to experience the stratosphere.
Doom – Doom is one of the most popular and established facts to get extremely good. It is very much good with no right being with this reboot. This game will offer a different type of first-person action shooting game. The players need to get much personal and closer with the monster-demons and as well as a spill out the bowels on the blood-stained floors. Enjoy the game.
Rocket League – Rocket League is one of the soccer games with cars. However, it is not able to believe that those cars will exist within the corrupt and broken world. When compared to the initial launch, this game is not as popular as of now. However, you can still find a massive core community going crazy about the Rocket League game. This game is also instantaneously fun and must try to play this game at least once.
Mortal Kombat 11 – Mortal Kombat 11 is another kicking game and most popular across the online platform. Earlier the Mortal Kombat is one of the best and gimmicky ultra-violent with its competitor game named Sublime Street Fighter II. As of now, this could be one of the spectacular fighting games with its own set of strengths. It is also the great Mortal Kombat game to date.
Apex Legends – Apex Legends is another coming game with no-one saw. With a good reason, Apex Legends is being challenged with the top position of the Battle Royale genre that was ruled by the cultural universe by Fortnite in 2018. The core team is responsible for the design of Call of Duty 4 game (Modern Warfare) and Apex Legends with excellent Titanfall series and feels much better for each minute. Most of them will look for this genre game to play around.
Shadows Die Twice: Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice of Sekiro is one of the best masterpiece games created this software from the Dark Souls with difficulty on endless online discourse. Darks Souls are made so compelling by sharing the DNA of Sekiro. This is one of the brand new beasts and even more separate to the Soul series when compared with Bloodborne. It requires the initial pain and worth to learn a new skill set. This is also named as a game of the year.