1,500 Names To Be Deleted From Electoral Roll

Updating the electoral roll for the upcoming state elections, the chief electoral officer (CEO) has given the approximate of deleting 1,500 names from the electoral rolls. This has been confirmed after acquiring the names of those who have opted to get Portuguese nationality from the Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO).

As reported by TOI, a senior official from the Chief Electoral Officer stated, “All names received from the FRRO will be sent to district collectors for verification before they are deleted from the electoral roll,” adding also that all those named in the list will also be summoned to the collectorate in order to verify and avoid wrong deletion of names as sometimes there are more than one persons with the same name in a village.

As per the information the electoral roll for the 2017 state elections will be finalized by January 5, 2017. Elections will be held sometime in March 2017.

On the request of the CEO of Goa, the FRRO submitted the list of names of those who had acquired Portuguese nationally in August. As of now 24,000 names have been deleted of those holding foreign nationality, mostly from South Goa, from the electoral roll.

The deletion of the names was implemented, following the prescribed process, after the directive given by the Election Commission of India to the CEO Goa.

A senior officer said, “We will verify those applications before taking a final call,” before informing that the process of revision of the electoral started from September 15.

Voters Statistics

Voters in Goa: 10,85,271 voters (35 Overseas Voters)
Applications of New Voters (North Goa): 24,522
Applications of New Voters (South Goa): 22,178
Application for Deletion of Names (North Goa): 7,063
Application for Deletion of Names (South Goa): 8,230

*Application of Deletion of Names includes people who moved base, expired or have been absent for a considerable period of time.